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American Responds to "The Los Altos Story"

The members of the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project continue to be amazed at the overwhelming and heart warming response to the award-winning film "The Los Altos Story." After the video was shown on FOX Network in 1990 without commercial interruption, the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project received phone calls, letters and emails from thousands of people who wanted to share their thoughts with us. These are some of the excerpts from those letters:

"We cried tears for your pain but more so for the courage and love with which your organization has chosen to deal with the heartbreaking disease, AIDS. You have learned what so many of us know also-that AIDS crosses all boundaries." — Florida

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your sharing your story. It was difficult to watch because we have a similar story. . .It helps to know others are dealing with similar situations. I think it helps to let people know it doesn't just happen to other families. . . At the end of your program you asked, "Will you help? I'd like to. What can I do? — llinois

Rotary Response

"Your club has brought a distinction to Rotary rarely experienced from just one club; much more than that however, you single handedly have done a public service and made the entire Rotary world (and the public at large) take notice...And the significant and critical service your club has undertaken is truly outstanding; the awareness and education you have presented to the public has been remarkable."
Richard D. King
Director and Chairman Executive Committee
Rotary International

"I showed the club the film on June 4. I have never had a better program. The way you shared your story made many of our members look at AIDS in a much different light. Our planning meeting for the upcoming year is this weekend and I am going to promote that we undertake this as one of our major projects. I know the story made a difference in they way most of our members think of AIDS. I've never had so many positive comments after a program."
Maitland, Florida Rotary Club

Media Response

"One of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen . . .It has resulted in a documentary of tears and hope, a remarkable document that should deeply touch anyone who watches it."
Rick Kogan
Chicago Tribune

"Short and to the point the film is dotted with special moments. . .Emerging from the heart of what a good many viewers might consider Squaresville, USA this is a portrait of the American spirit of compassion and generosity at its most admirable. Politicians and community leaders throughout the nation would do well to pay close attention."
John O'Connor
New York Times

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