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A Rotary Program

"The Los Altos Story" is an emotional and sensitive film about real people in a traditional Rotary Club. The powerful and thought-provoking film brings home the reality of AIDS in a very personal way. Showing the film makes an excellent program for a Rotary meeting.

The following suggestions will help make your program presentation a success:

• Read the film's accompanying materials for background information.

• Preview the film before showing it to the club

• Ask a medical professional or other appropriate professional to act as a facilitator for the program.

• Reproduce AIDS facts, statistics, and information to hand out to members during the program

• Prepare a short introduction followed by the showing of the film.

• Allow adequate time for your program. The film is 30 minutes in length.

After the film has been shown be prepared for:

• A period of silence.

• Questions about AIDS facts and/or statistics

• An announcement that someone has been touched by AIDS

• The question "What can we do to help?"

Other Program Ideas

Make "The Los Altos Story" the first in a two or three part program on AIDS. Invite a health professional to speak about facts and statistics at the next Rotary meeting following the showing of the film. Allow time for questions and answers.

AIDS in the Workplace

Invite someone to speak about AIDS in the workplace. Discuss what AIDS awareness programs are available for employers to offer their employees. Talk about how members of the business community can help erase misconceptions about AIDS. Provide information and resources on ways to facilitate AIDS education in the workplace.

An AIDS Symposium

The Rotary AIDS Project has developed the blueprint for a one-day AIDS Community Symposium that offers detailed how-to instructions and sample materials. Click here to download a Symposium Planning Guide.

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