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AIDS: A Global Challenge

Statistics show AIDS will continue to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide during the next decade. Since AIDS knows no barriers and affects every segment of the world's population, there is a universal need for AIDS awareness and education. There is no cure for AIDS. The only vaccine currently available is education.

Rotary Can Make A Difference

In the spirit of Service Above Self, Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project encourages Rotarians and others to become involved in fighting this lethal disease:

Join Friends of LARAP Today!

You can make a difference.

Your contribution to Friends of LARAP will make a difference by enabling the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project to continue to fund projects that will change attitudes and behaviors, educate others about AIDS, support those afflicted with the disease, and encourage Rotary involvement in the fight against AIDS.

Click Here to join Friends of LARAP.

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